About the Instructor

The instructor, Reb Moshe Lazar, is a Ben Torah, highly qualified mountaineer, and dedicated educator. Reb Moshe has led wilderness trips throughout North America, in places like Colorado, Wyoming, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Alaska for over thiry years. He has trained as a Wilderness Emegerency Medical Provider and has served on numerous search and rescue teams.

Reb Moshe learned at Aish Hatorah in Yerushalayim and Ohr Somayach in Monsey. He is a member of the Toras Dovid Kollel and currently owns and operates Rapid Door & Trim. He and his wife Jennifer live in Monsey with their five children.

About the Program

Reb Moshe and an experienced co-instructor will serve as teachers, trainers and mentors as you learn the skills required for wilderness travel. Through daily discussions, they will also help you and your group to discover the larger meaning in these activities. You will discover new things about yourself: how you deal with uncertainty, stress, and challege. How you can better work with others, your potential as a leader. Reb Moshe and an experience co-instructor will accompany a maximum of twelve bochurim.

All trips are under the direction of Rabbi Eli Moskovitz.

All halachic question are presented to Rabbi Chaim Schabes.

Letters of Reference

Rivky Reich

As we spent Shabbos with Shalom Noach, we got to appreciate more and more all the effort and the concern for the little details that you invested in this trip. He truly gained so much, and has grown so much form the experience. The leadership role you play is not one that can be taught in any class. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Yankie Bron

I don't have enough words to thank you for giving Aber the most memorable summer experience, he grew in many ways on the trip, you showed him how to work hard for something you want and not to give up when the going gets rough. This made a positive impact on him and he gained tools to deal with life's challenges that no schooling could ever teach.

I don't know how you pulled this off but in this zechus may I bless you with a sweet healthy year. Nachas from your kids and hatzlacha in all of your endeavors.

Mommy M.C.

I can't thank you enough. Though I only spoke to Yakov for a few minutes while in the van, I could hear in his voice a very happy and proud young man. I am truly grateful and know that Yakov saw the beautiful and very vulnerable side of himself and others. I truly hope the lessons and sense of inner worthiness will give him the ability to form better relatioships with those around him and fortify him for the challenges that lay ahead. It is truly a testament to the work you've done. That authentic you must have come through to the boys. I hope you carry the wonderful feeling of accomplishment of this endeavor into your life and may it be a zechus for you and your family!

My mother kept saying , Moshe is so incredible, wish he could be cloned! She was very grateful as well to you! All the best and rest up! If there was anything that came up on the trip that you think would be helpful for me to know, to gain more awareness of Yakov and myself, I would love the feedback and of course if Yakov wouldn't mind.

Thank you! 

Rabbi Reich

So much incredible feedback on the trip at the Shabbos table. You really pulled off something amazing. He is much stronger and ready for the Zman(school year). Thank you again and again.